I picked up Adaptation by Malinda Lo because I was looking for a book with a lesbian or bisexual protagonist. This popped up in google and I thought to myself Oh, cool! A dystopia adventure with queer romance! Sign me up! There are 3 main genres of book I like (LGBTQ, dystopia, and “sick lit”) and this fit into 2 of the 3 so obviously I had high hopes.

Sometimes, what you think a book will be about is better than the reality.

So it’s not a dystopia. It sounds like one, but it’s actually sci-fi. If it can be even called that. See, sci-fi usually uses space and science to reflect or say something about current society. Maybe I’m missing something, but I didn’t catch that here. Or maybe I’m just not an aliens kind of girl. It’s probably more “speculative fiction” than anything.

The dystopia aspect disappointed me, but how did the LGBT romance do? Not much better.

It was a plot device. It moved too fast. Did it add anything to the story? Not really. Unless having a love triangle is vital to the plot. Which it isn’t. Ugh, Reese, just make up your mind. Honestly, the romance plot is eye roll-worthy. I had high hopes for a novel that portrays an LGBT romance that isn’t about the romance, but I was very disappointed with this one.

Also, how is Reese such an idiot? She’s such a bland character, yet she’s dumb as a post. She just acts, and never reacts or thinks of consequence. She’s trying to figure out what has happened to her, yet she blabs and gets angry and throws away every opportunity she has. I wish she was a bit more cunning, and had a bit more foresight, but hey, she is only 17.

I don’t really have anything good to say about this book. It’s not that it’s some terrible outrage to mankind; no, it’s just not a book for me. I was disappointed on all fronts and that’s that. I have nothing more to say.

1 human alien thing out of 5


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