Is this what being high feels like?


I Crawl Through It by AS King is one of the weirdest books I have ever read. The book jacket calls it “surrealist,” and that is the best description for it. This novel is like falling into a Salvadore Dali painting, where everything is bizarre and twisted but yet, somehow, as if by magic, the truth lies underneath and it all makes sense.

And that is the beauty of it.

I don’t want to spoil this book. It’s so strange and it’s so much fun to slowly fall into it. But to give you a taste of what you’re about to fall into, I’ll summarize all of the characters.

Stanzi is the protagonist. She is the girl who believes there’s another person inside of her.

Gustav is building an invisible helicopter. Stanzi can only see it on Tuesdays.

China is the girl who swallowed herself.

Lansdale is the girl whose hair grows when she lies. She cuts it every day.

Then there’s the man in the bushes, who sells alphabet letters for a kiss.

Meanwhile, someone is sending bomb threats daily to their school.

The best part of the I Crawl Through It is that these characters all make sense. Yes, it’s surrealist and strange, but it all makes sense. It makes sense why Stanzi is two, and why China is inside out. Their stories aren’t that strange afterall.

AS King is one of my favourite authors, and I Crawl Through It does not disappoint. If you’re looking for something very different, but still easy to read, I definitely recommend you check this book out.

3.5 helicopters out of 5.


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