UNSPOKEN: A Book Review

Sometimes, a light read is all you need.


I picked up Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan on a whim, and also maybe because there was a fanfiction I wanted to read that was inspired by it. On Goodreads, it had mixed reviews so I took a chance and dove right into it, not expecting much.

And, surprisingly, I kind of loved it.

The writing is basic: it’s not poetic, filled with beautiful metaphors and imagery, but it is very clear. It’s easy to follow the story due to the clarity of the prose, which means that it’s easy to lose yourself in the plot. Speaking of which, the plot is surprisingly good. Maybe it’s not life-changing or world-crashing, but it is a decent story and intriguing enough to make you want to turn the page. It does have that dark, gothic feel to it which I love: gothic fiction is the best. This is a I’ve-had-a-bad-day-and-I-want-to-turn-my-mind-off type of book and it is very easy to slip into. You won’t rush to get to the end, but you will digest it slowly, when you need it most. It’s a good book, okay?

So now I’m brought to the characters. Alright. Kami can be kind of annoying but in that cute, annoying little sister kind of way. She’s smart and independent and (spoiler?????) totally doesn’t fall for the romance plot while everyone else does. It’s kind of brilliant that way. It feels like everyone else is falling in love and hoping for romance (for themselves and each other) and Kami is just kind of like GUYS, WE HAVE A MYSTERY TO SOLVE. Give me more women like this in fiction.

The side characters are all extremely interesting. Especially the Lyburns. Personally, I am a little bit in love with Lillian and I hope, if I choose to read the sequel, she’s in it a bit more. She’s a very complex, complicated character and I want to hear more about her life. Ash and Jared are also very interesting, and I feel like there are still many secrets that need to be revealed regarding their lives and their relationship with each other. Angela is also a fantastic character who hates everyone and is thus totally relateable.

And last but not least, there’s an organic queer relationship! I was not expecting it until about midway through when something smacked me across the face and I went ‘oh, duh!’ It’s great, really, really great. I love how YA fiction is becoming more inclusive in this regard and including queer relationships that aren’t central to the plot.

In summary: Unspoken is a light, easy read full of interesting and mostly likable characters. The plot, while not mind-blowing, is fun and intriguing, and I found this book thoroughly enjoyable, especially when you want to relax and think about nothing.

3 Lyburns out of 5

(see? That rating is perfect because of how there are 5 Lyburns! And I only like 3 of them!)


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